Sales Force One was designed to be a “whisper” in the ear of the CEO/Sales Executive, a trusted and indispensable advisor.  Sales Force One does not focus on deficiencies (which are usually readily apparent), but rather looks for concrete areas of improvement by focusing on the natural talents of sales executives. 

Sales Force One helps its clients focus in 3 primary areas:
  • Leadership – Engaging the hearts of the sales executive.  Well thought out business plans that hold people accountable.  Taking responsibility for results.
  • Talent – Getting the right players in the right positions.  Avoiding costly bad hires.  Playing to a person’s natural giftedness and strengths.
  • New Business Skills – Learning how to proactively prospect.  Articulating a succinct and compelling sales story.  Probing for pain. 


Sales Force One accomplishes its goals by remaining true to the Five Core Values which form the foundation of our company:

  • HONOR GOD & “DO THE RIGHT THING” – Maintain the highest standard of integrity.  Treat people with utmost dignity and respect.  Focus on the essential needs of customers.
  • DEVELOP ASSOCIATES’ UNIQUE ABILITIES – Mentor associates and coach them to success by concentrating on their unique areas of giftedness.
  • CREATE CLIENTS THAT LOVE SALES FORCE ONE – Continually strive for excellence.  Develop a stellar reputation and become highly referable.
  • PROFIT & CASH – Maintain profitable growth.  Act upon critical numbers.
  • HAVE FUN AND CELEBRATE – Have fun.  Enjoy work.  Build an enthusiasm that is contagious and caught by its clients.


Our logo is that of a jet taking flight.  We believe that a company’s sales culture is much like a high-performance jet.  Before a jet can take flight, it must build momentum and create lift.  Once this critical task is accomplished, the jet soars!   And so it is with sales; a company cannot soar until its sales culture builds momentum and lifts itself into profitability.